Helsinki International Model United Nations HELIMUN ry is a student run, non-profit organisation registered in Helsinki, Finland. HELIMUN ry arranges an annual, international Model United Nations conference for secondary school students. HELIMUN conferences provide an unique opportunity for students to practice their public speaking and language skills and deepen their understanding of contemporary international issues and the work of United Nations.

XXI Annual Session

The theme of the XXI Annual Session of HELIMUN is World and Pandemic.

The Secretary General of the XXI session is Mr Heikki Helppi and the Deputy Secretary General is Ms Emma Lampen-Smith.

The Issues on the Agenda are:

Question of providing the population with reliable and comprehensive information (Covid-19)
Question of applying emergency laws and other strict measures during pandemics

Question of educational challenges due to Covid-19
Question of the effects of lockdown measures (gender-based violence)


Issues on the Agenda


GA1 International Security and Disarmament
The Question of Reduction of Military Budgets
The Question of Safe, Orderly, and Regular migration

GA2 Environment
The Question of Sustainable Management of All Types of Forests to Halt Deforestation and to Restore Degraded Forests
The Question of Ending Poaching and Trafficking of Protected Species of Flora and Fauna

GA3 Special Political
The Question of Rising inequality in North and Central Asia
The Question of Children and Armed Conflict

GA4 Legal
The Question of Reducing Corruption and Bribery in Governments



Tuesday May 7
8.30 Registration
8.30-9.30 Lobbying
9.30 Opening ceremonies and after that immediately begins the General Assembly, Human Rights Commission, Economic and Social Commission, Security Council and International Court of Justice in Session
Lunch between 11.00-13.00
12.00-15.30 Committee work, Human Rights Commission, Economic and Social Commission, Security Council and International Court of Justice in Session

Wednesday May 8

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Due to the GDPR the names of the student officers of the pre-2019 HELIMUN conferences have been removed.


Executive Student Officers

Secretary General Mr Abubaker Amin Kulosaari Upper Secondary School
Deputy Secretary General Ms Olivia Mokko Kulosaari Upper Secondary School
President of the General Assembly Ms Katja Lammi Kulosaari Upper Secondary School

Where are the HELIMUN 2018 delegates from?

The XVIII Annual Session of HELIMUN is held May 8-9 and appr 360 delegates (excluding the ICJ, Admins, Student Officers) will be simulating the work of the United Nations.

The schools attending the conference are:
Anglo-American School of Moscow,
Espoo International School,
Helsingin Uusi Yhteiskoulu,
International School of Helsinki,
Mattlidens gymnasium,
Maunula Secondary School,
Ressu Comprehensive School,
Ressu Upper Secondary School
and Kulosaari Secondary School (Lower and Upper Secondary).

HELIMUN XX Annual Session

The next, XX Annual Session of HELIMUN will take place at Kulosaari Secondary School May 5-6 2020.


307 days since HELIMUN XX.