Provisional Agenda

1st Committee of the General Assembly (Disarmament & International Security)

  • The Question of the establishment of a nuclear-weapon free zone in Central Asia
  • The Question of peace consolidation in West Africa

2nd Committee of the General Assembly (Environment)

  • The Question of reducing nuclear power
  • The Question of desertification and land degradation

3rd Committee of the General Assembly (Social, Humanitarian & Cultural)

  • The Question of an international strategy for disaster reduction
  • The Question of ending violence against women

4th Committee of the General Assembly (Special Political & Decolonisation)

  • The Question of the situation in Afghanistan
  • The Question of crime prevention and criminal justice

Security Council

  • The situation in Somalia

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • The Question of the effects of the Icelandic financial crisis and reconstruction of the economy
  • The Question of achieving the Millennium Development goals in Africa

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

  • Aerial Herbicide Spraying (Ecuador v. Colombia)