Issues on the Agenda


1st Committee of the General Assembly (Disarmament & International Security)

  • Question of a nuclear weaponfree zone in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Question of anti-terrorism measures while upholding human rights

2nd Committee of the General Assembly (Environment)

  • Question of the right to safe and healthy working conditions in the shipbreaking industry
  • Question of the effects of atomic radiation on the environment and human settlements

3rd Committee of the General Assembly (Special Political & Decolonisation)

  • Question of fair trial guarantees while countering terrorism
  • Question of South-south cooperation

Human Rights Commission

  • Question of contemporary forms of slavery
  • Question of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment

Security Council

  • Question of the conflict between Sudan and South-Sudan
  • Question of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Economic and Social Council

  • Question of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises
  • Question of preventing the creation of a lost generation

International Court of Justice

  • Violations of Nicaraguan sovereignty and major environmental damages to its territory (Nicaragua vs Costa Rica)