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The International Court of Justice

In the XI Annual Session of HELIMUN, ICJ tackled the issue concerning the Obligation to Prosecute or Extradite (Belgium v. Senegal). Below is the verdict by the court:


By 12 votes to 0,

Finds that Senegal has the right to trial Hissane Habré,

Senegal has to do this within a month time frame. The starting time for the time frame will be May 6, 2011. Five (5) additional months will be given for the trial itself. If Senegal can't fulfil these requirements Hissene Habré has to be extradited to Belgium for trial.

The International Court of Justice and the African Union will appoint and send legal observers to ensure justice. If these observers find the Senegale Court in any way biased, extradition will occur immediately.

May 6, 2011