Helsinki International Model United Nations HELIMUN ry is a student run, non-profit organisation registered in Helsinki, Finland. HELIMUN ry arranges an annual, international Model United Nations conference for secondary school students. HELIMUN conferences provide an unique opportunity for students to practice their public speaking and language skills and deepen their understanding of contemporary international issues and the work of United Nations.

Mock Debates in KSYK and EIS

Tueday April 24
9.45.-11.00 Liisa Levitsky & Laura Turunen (Johanna's group)

Friday April 27
9.45-11.00 Sakari Säde & Markus Anttinen (Kirsten's group)

Friday April 27
9.45-11.00 Coel Thomas & Laura Salakari (Johanna's group)

Friday April 27
12.00-14.00 EIS Laura Turunen, Sakari Voutilainen, Eelis Hemberg, Sakari Säde, Markus Anttinen

Research Reports Online!

The research reports for HELIMUN XII Annual Session are now online, under XII Annual Session (2012). They are information packets on every question in the agenda. We highly encourage all delegates to study the reports carefully while preparing for HELIMUN.

If you have questions concerning the Research Reports, you may contact the Student Officers via our discussion forum

Discussion Forum online!

The official discussion forum of the HELIMUN organization and HELIMUN XII Annual Session is now online! The forum is a perfect place to ask if you need help while preparing or if you have questions about the conference. Discussion on the issues will also take place in the forum already before the actual conference, so it is important for the delegates, Student Officers and members of the Executive Staff to register.

Student Officer appointments online

The Student Officers have been appointed and can be found under XII Annual Session (2012).

Individual Delegate Application Form

If you wish to apply as an individual delegate to HELIMUN XII you will find the application form under the XII Annual Session.

Last date to send your individual delegate application is Friday October 28, 2011.

Student Officer and ICJ Judge application forms are online

Those wishing to apply for either a student officer or a judge position will find the online application form under 'XII Annual Session (2012).

XII Annual Session

The XII Annual Session of HELIMUN will be held in Kulosaari Secondary School on May 3-4, 2012.

Ms Laura Peräkylä has been appointed Secretary General and Ms Noora Suomenaro the Deputy Secretary General.

Ms Siiri Hakulinen has been appointed Conference Manager of the XII Annual Session and Mr Julius Uusinarkaus has been appointed the Assistant Conference Manager.

The theme of the XII Annual Session is Democracy & Development.

Information concerning student officer applications will be uploaded asap to the homepage.

XVI Annual Session (2016)

The Secretary General giving his opening speech
The Secretary General giving his opening speech

The XVI Annual Session was held May 11-12, 2016 and the theme was Conflict & Migration.

The most esteemed Mr Shawn Waddoups inspired the delegates and student officers both into creating a memorable conference experience.

HELIMUN XX Annual Session

The next, XX Annual Session of HELIMUN will take place at Kulosaari Secondary School May 5-6 2020.


143 days until HELIMUN XX.